The False Prince

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The False Prince

By: Jennifer A Nielsen

The False Prince

About The Author: Jennifer Nielsen was born and raised in northern Utah. She has 3 children and a dog. Jennifer still lives with her family in northern Utah. She loves chocolate, old books, and lazy days in the mountains.

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The Ascendance Trilogy:1. The False prince2. The Runaway King3. The Shadow Throne

When Conner collects all of the boys he needs, he returns them to his estate, Farthenwood. Once there Conner reveals something that no one in the kingdom knows: the royal family was poisoned and killed. Conner says that an heir has to take the throne before one of the regents did, otherwise the kingdom would fall into civil war. If that happened, the barbarous neighboring country Avenia would take over Carthya.

The False Prince is about a boy named Sage in the kingdom of Carthya. He lives at an orphanage in the city of Carchar in the ages of castles and royalty. One day Sage arrives back at the orphanage to find that he is being bought by a man named Conner, one of twenty regents in the kingdom. He then finds out that Conner has been going around the kingdom buying kids from orphanages. Sage is one of four boys bought by Conner; the others are Tobias, Roden, and Latamer.

Conner’s plan is to disguise one of the boys as Jaron, the king and queen’s second- born son who is thought to have died when his ship was attacked by pirates four years ago. No evidence has been found that suggests that Jaron is dead or alive. Only one boy can be chosen to be Jaron, so what will happen to the boys not picked? They now know of a plan to commit the highest form of treason, pretending to be a member of the royal family. Will Sage be picked, or will his life come to a terrible end? Is Jaron dead?

Colton Brorman 10th grade


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