The Fallen

by mihailoff
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The Fallen

The main problem in the story is that Martin Luna's little brother has died and he has to learn how to go on in his life, and not to get into gang violence.

The Fallen by Paul Langan

Nicholas Mihailoff

reading 15/16; 2/18/2010

Martin's gang is sitting by there oldest member 's (Frankie) car when Martin's little brother is shot in the alley they are at . Him and his gang choose to find and kill the person that shot his brother. When Martin's mom catches on the idea of her oldest son killing she moves him to another school and a different part of town. Then, Frankie and the rest of the gang find who did it, Martin backs out and won't shoot him. Frankie gets raged and plans to kill Martin. But, Martin was ready ,got Frankie arrested, and went on.

The climax of the story is when Martin figures out the bullet was for Frankie not his brother, he quits his gang. Frankie the trys to kill Martin.

• cause: Martin's brother was shot.• effect: him and his gang looked for the killer.• cause: they look for the killer.• effect: Martin's mother worrys and moves him into a new school in another part of town.• cause: Martin no longer wants to kill.• effect: Frankie beats up Martin.

The most interseting character in the book is Frankie, he is interseting because he is very unpredicble and gets angry easliy.

I would just add to the ending. I would like to add the details of Martin leaving or Frankie getting arrested.



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