The Fallen

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The Fallen

Book report

The characters are Brooke, Ed, Sam, Ella, Monkeyboy, Kyle, Justin, Chris Marker, Wiki, Jibber-Jabber, Maeve, Maxie, Kwaele, Achilleus, Blue, Ollie, Jackson, Finn, and Lettis, Billy, Macca, and Brooke.It is placed in Brooklyn.

The Fallen By: Charlie Higson

Character and setting

What happened first

What happend first was when a museum full of kids were attacked by grownups and some kids came in while this was happening looking for someone. Then the new kids helped the other kids get the grownups away. Then they went on a journy to collect supplies and tried to gt medicine and they got everything thy needed.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

Then, on thier way back from the journey they went to find the other kids fom the museum and when they each them, hey were all killed by "sickos" and one girl was writing a journal about thier trip and wote in the journal where she was hiding nd the oter kids foud the journal and saved her, but no one else.

On thier journey back, the kids back at the museum were being attacked by a kid named Paul (he let the sickos in to the museum at the beginning) who tried to kill all of the museum kids hat were left after the sicko attack. But that had failed, so he tried a new strategy which didn't work either. When the kids on the journey get back to the museum, they catch Paul and solve some old problems.


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