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The Fallacy Glog


Citation: College Critical Reading Book pg. 95 & Youtube user C SUSTacher!

My Examples

My Fallacy

1)We have to stop the global drug dealers….! The next thing you know, they'll be over 40,000 overdoses a day.2)We must put an end to rap music.....Or else all the other genres of music will be destroyed. 3)My girlfriend has not texted me back........! So this must mean she is going to break-up with me.

:An argument or error in reasoning that one event or action must inevitably follow another without sufficiently demonstrating why the secondary action is inevitable.Original Examples1) a:Voting for a Democrat will raise taxes.b:The taxes will become so intolerable, people will begin riot.c:With the riots, anarchy will occur and the United States will divide into separate countries.d:Don't vote for Democrats or the country will be in ruins.


The Slippery Slope:By Yamaany Sims



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