The Fall of the Roman Empire

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The Fall of the Roman Empire


Roman invaders

Political and social problemswhen the old ruler died, the empire weakened government officials had poor leadership, and people didnt really care about what they were supposed to do anymore.government officials also took bribes and werent doing what they were told to. there were also bad people serving in the goernment making the worst decisions. The rich stopped paying taxes and no one was going to school which led to lots of poverty. slavery was a huge thing that many people relyed on.

The goverment started putting less gold into the coins because they couldnt afford it. when the commoners found out, they just stopped using currency and went back to bartering

Economic and military problemswhen rome's ecomony fell, law and order broke down. Roman soldiers and other invaders seized crops and destroyed fields. farmers grew less food and hunger spread. people made and bought less food and the economy worsened. a plague killed one out of every ten people in the empire when it spread. rome also started to suffer from an inflation to make it all worse.

the legacy of rome rap

Diocletian was a general who became an emperor.He introduced reforms to Rome. Because the empire was too large for one person to rule, Diocletian divided it into four parts. he named officials to rule the different parts of the empire, but he had full authority. He also helped to slow inflation by issuing rules that set the price of goods.

After diocletian, Constantine came along. Constantine became emperor and to aid the economy he issued several orders. sons of workers had to follow their fathers trades, the sons of farmers had to work the land their fathers worked and the sons of soldirs had to serve in the army. he also moved the capital from constantinople to byzantium in greece


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