The Fall of the Roman Empire

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The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Fall of the Roman Empire by: Lauren Appel and Jurdean Awit

Constantine- a general who became emperor in A.D. 312. He moved the capital of Rome to a city in the east, Byzantium, also known as Constantinople; today known as Istanbul.Reforms:1. Sons of workers had to follow their fathers' trades. 2. Sons of farmers had to work the land their fathers worked.3. Sons of solders had to serve in the army.

Diocletian- A general who became emperor in A.D. 284. Who introduced reforms. 1. Divded Roman empire into four parts, since it was too big to rule. 2. Named officials to rule each area.3. Issued rules that set the prices of goods and wages to be payed to workers. 4. Ordered workers to remain at the same jobs until they died. (But the reforms eventually failed)

- Roman soldiers and invaders seized crops and destroyed fields.- farmers grew less food, hunger spread.- People bought fewer goods- Artisans produced less.- Shopkeepers lost money.- Businesses closed, number of workers dropped.- Many workers left jobs to serve in the army.- A plague came to Rome.- Rome suffered from inflation.- Fewer taxes payed, especially from the wealthy.- Roman Government couldn't defend its territories.- Government had to find way to pay soldiers and officials.- Government out less gold in coins, losing its value.-People stopped usuing money as prices,started bartering.-Invaders came in easily.

-Army leaders fought eachother for the throne (22 different emperors).-Officials took bribes.-Poor leadership.-Few honored old ideas of duty, courage, and honesty.-Talented people refused to serve government.-Many wealthy citizens stopped paying taxes.-Few peole attended schools.-Large number of people were enslaved.-Wealthy people suppored slavery.

Economic and Military Problems

Political and Social Problems

Invaders In the map, it shows the Western and Eastern Roman Empire and the trails of their invaders.-Germanic Tribes, the invaders, included the Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Franks, Vandals, Huns, Angles, and Saxons.Who came from marshes and forests of Northern Europe.

The fall of Rome came to be when many problems began to arise. one reason it happened because of the Germanic tribes that invaded the East and West. These Germanic groups were drawn by Rome's wealth and culture. Another reason is that there was economic problems such as when the Germanic invaders seized the crops, farmers stopped growing food and artisans stopped making goods. Also a plauge came to Rome.

Fall of Rome

Legacy of Rome

- We also belive all people are equal under law- We expect judges to decide cases fairly- We consider a person innocent unitl proven guilty- Believe that a republic made up of equal citizens is the best form of government- Believe that a republic works best if citizens do their duty, participate in government, and work to make their society better- Alphabet and Latin language- We use concrete, domes and arches in buildings- Christianity- Also sitll admire the works of Roman writers


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