The Fall of Rome

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The Fall of Rome

By Sherry Mestan

As Rome fell, its government became very weak. Many army rulers fought each other for power. Government officials took bribes, talented people refused to serve in the government, citizens stopped paying taxes, kids stopped attending school, and there were many slaves working for the wealthy.

Political and Social Problems

Hunger began to spread because fields were destroyed, and fewer people bought goods. Many workers closed businesses to leave to join the army. A plague spread throught the empire. Rome suffered from inflation because the government put less gold in the coins, making them worth less. Soon people began to barter instead of using currency. Government officials could no longer pay Roman soldiers so they started using Germanic soldiers who were not loyal to Rome.

*introduced reforms *divided empire into 4 parts*made laws that set the prices of goods and workers' minimum wage*ordered workers to keep the same job until they died

Economic and Military Problems


*issued a law that said the sons of workers, farmers, and soldiers had to do their father's job*moved the capital from Rome to the Greek city of Byzantium, which was renamed Constantinople


The Fall of Rome

A Germanic general named Odoacer overthrew Rome's last emperor, Romulus Augustulus, in A.D. 476. This event is often marked as the end of the Roman Empire. By A.D. 550, Odoacer had been killed and the Western Roman Empire had faded away. However, the Eastern Roman Empire lasted and became known as the Byzantine Empire.

Government IdeasRome's ideas about how all people should be treated equally and how a person is innocent until proven guilty are still used today in our government. We use a republic made up of equal citizens as Rome had.

CultureRome's language of Latin has shaped many languages of the Western world, such as Italian, French, and Spanish, as well as English. We use Rome's concrete and architectural styles in Western world buildings.

ChristianityToday, Christianisty is a major religion in our world. Rome helped the religion grow, and many Roman ideas blended with Christianity after the fall of Rome.

The Legacy of Rome


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