The Fall of Constantinople

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The Fall of Constantinople

The Fall of Constantinople

Byzantine V.S.Ottoman

Diary of an Ottaman Soldier

The Ottomen Turks wants Constantinople for a number of reasons, it's rich, its the center of a vast trade of spices and other things coming in to Europe, and its making other parts of the world very rich.

Diary of a Constantinople Citizen

Constantinople was by far the largest city in Europe for almost a 1000 years. It provided a door to the East and access to the west. Because of it's location, it played a very important role in all trade, especially the spice trade. Constantinople was a part of the major trading system, until it fell to the Turks in 1453.

Armies & CommandersByzantines-Constantine XI-Loukas Notaras-Giovanni Giustiniani-approx. 7,000-12,000 men -26 shipsOttomans-Mehmet II-Zaganos Pasha-Suleiman Baltoghlu-80,000-120,000 men -90-126 ships

The Fall of Constantinople occured on May 29, 1453 after a siege which began on April 6. The battle was part of the Byzantine-Ottoman Wars (1265-1453).

Diary of a Constantinople Soldier

Today has been hysterical. Us, the Ottoman Turks, have broken the "Unbreakable" wall of Constantinople. Now it is time for us to take over. As a soldier, I am very very proud of being one of the men fighting in the war. The rich spices will be ours!

The wall has finally fallen. Now it is up to us. I won't let them take over, since we are the great Byzantinian. Our faith is in your hands lord!

The Ottoman Turks are trying to break our wall. It is impossible since the wall is unbreakable. I can't believe this is happening. Honestly, I am kind of scared that they will defeat us. All we have now is hope and all of us are praying to our father in heaven.

"The Turks used artillary to batter down the walls that people thought were impregnable. And you can fire at that wall over and over again until it actually tumbles down." - Richard "Mack" Machowicz (Military expery and Former Navy Seal)

Diary of a Constantinople Citizen


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