The Eyeborg Documentary

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The Eyeborg Documentary

According to most of the people in the video, our prosthetic body parts could be as advanced as the ones shown in the game by the year it was set in, 2027. Prosthetic body parts today almost match the performance of natural limbs.

Prosthetic Legs

Prosthetic Eyes

Prosthetic Arms

Deus Ex and Square Enix


The Eyeborg Documentary Findings

Deus Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary Images

The guy with the cool arms and stuff

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game set in the year 2027. Most of the video's examples of prosthetics come from this game. The main character is a cyborg.

About Deus Ex


FactsMost of the examples are from Deus ExThat "Eyeborg" guy's eye is a cameraWe are close to high-tech body partsThe prosthetic eyes help blindnessOne of them was a chip in the retinaThere are also prototype masks with augmented realityWe have the base for the eyesThe arms are already making their wayThey feel natural to the usersThey are controlled like a normal handThere are not weapons on arms yetProsthetic legs are already faster than normal legsPeople with them have extra enduranceStairs are a big problem thoughThere is one leg that can get you upstairsIt is called the "PowerKnee"It can push you upIt steps in for your thigh muscleCurrent bionic tech almost matches normal limbsThe overall problem so far is getting them connected to your brainThere are going to be ethics debates in the future over people who want to willingly replace their limbsPeople say we are on the verge of changing the human speciesThis tech could drastically change the way we liveWe are realy close to some of the high tech body parts in the game Deus Ex


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