The Eye of Mids

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The Eye of Mids

The Eye of Minds

Keegan Smith 8th

Do you like video games ?, well in my book The Eye of Minds by James dashnerA boy named Michael and his two friends Bryson and Sarah do. Michael met his twofriends in a game called the Virt Net. The Virt Net is a virtual reality game thatis made to be super realistic. One day in theVirt Net Michael was kidnapped by theVirt Net authoritys. They told him that thier was a terrorist in the game named Kainwho has ben trapping people in the gameand it was up to Michael and his friends hacking skills to stop him. They figure out to find Kain they will have to find something called the path.The path is a set of portals thta lead to diffrent trials and challanges. Michael andhis friends soon find out they will need torely on much more then thier hacking skills. Will Michael and his friends make it through the path ?Will they find and stop Kain ?To find out read The Eye of Minds, by James Dashner.

By James Dashner

Please don't make me run down there into that mayhem again ! -Michael


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