The Exploration of the Mississipi River

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The Exploration of the Mississipi River

The explorer Robert de La Salle was very disliked so he almost got killed about 7 times.La Salle died March 19, 1687 by getting murdered by his own men. La Salle is a French nobleman born on November 22, 1643. La Salle wanted to be a priest growing up because his parents were priests so they hoped there children would become priests to, but then wanted to claim land for France around the Mississippi River and around the Gulf of Mexico. His wish finally came true when he sailed the Griffon and La Belle as he explored from 1667-1687.La Salle got permission from King Louis XIV and sailed to “New France”. He explored the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and other waters. As La Salle explored the Great Lakes he had Challenges including not having food, the Indians and his crew members disliking him, and also the Niagara Falls was a big challenge. The last of the four ships La Belle, sank and the crew members were stranded on Matagorda Bay.


As La Salle explored, he also explored the Mississippi River. His crew was the first Europeans to get all the way to the mouth of the Mississippi River. They helped France learn about the unknown lands of the Mississippi River, and the Great Lakes. As they sailed down the Mississippi River, they met Indians including the Iroqouis, which he made a truce with. He traded things like gunpowder, metal, and other non-expensive things to the Indians, for expensive things including beaver skins.La Salle went on a journey to try to find a route from France to the Mississippi river. He ended up 400 miles west from the mouth of the Mississippi River so he decided to go and explore this new place. He died not knowing that by doing this he had given France claims to the entire Mississippi Valley, so by doing this he could make France more rich in land. La Salle accomplished his goal, because he was the first European to sail to the mouth of the Mississippi River and, so he also claimed land for France as he went.

Lasting Impact

The Explorationof the MississippiRiver


This me with my treasure box. My things in my treasure box is a golden cross, bowl, France flag, journal, and a leaf.

This is a bible because La Salle believed in God.

This is Robert de La Salle

This is a picture of Thanksgiving because La Salle is a pilgrim.

La Salle accomplished his goal because he was the first European to sail to the mouth of the Mississippi River and so he also claimed land for France as he went. La Salle made a positive impact because he made France richer in land and that helped them. He also made a negative impact because he didn’t provide things for his crew member, so he drove them crazy so they killed him. King Louis XIV wanted La sale to explore more of the new land and keep claiming land for France. Robert de La Salle was successful because he helped France learn about the unknown lands by the Mississippi River and Great Lakes, and claimed lots of land.La Salle helped France and he also helped the world, not only by his explorations but also by his heart.

Hokulea and HikianaliaThe Hokulea and Hikianalia and our explorers are different because our explorers are searching for things that have never been found and are just discovering things. The Hokulea and Hikianalia are both bringing back what was already done and restoring their history. The explorers and Hokulea and Hikianalia are all exploring and learning new things. They both sailed to different lands and the Hokulea and Hikianalia are both still sailing and are sailing for world peace. This is significant because they both are doing things that are new to them and they are learning while they are doing these new things. They both are striving to finish their goal and complete what they are trying to do, by sailing to different places. They are doing well for the world and making the world a better place.


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