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The Expansion Post

I think that slavery should be banned because people shouldn't feel like they are on a leash.When the leash is tugged, it is hard to get their strengthen back. They feel like they are trapped in their master's world and can't get out to see the real world. When that leash is broken, then they are free.

Slavery made states free or a slave state. For example, in 1820, 20,000 people lived in slavery. The next year, Missouri became a slave state. Even during the Civil War, the Fugitive Slave Acts prosecuted the blacks that were fleeing their masters in border states that were loyal to the Union. Some slave catchers capture other slaves. For example, Shadrach Minkins was captured by a slave catchers. She was rescued by a group of African Americans.


Free Soil Party


Bleeding Kansas

The Expansion Post

There is much violence going on over in the Kansas Territory over whether the slaves should be free or not. Due to the Kansas-Nebraska Act Kansas can decide for itself. Thousands of both pro-slavery and anti-slavery supporters have come to the state. Border ruffians crossed over to sway the vote and have caused lots of violence. Also State Congressman Preston Brooks attacked Senator Charles Sumner with a cane. He did this right after Sumner spoke out against Southerners who caused the violence in Kansas.

To keep slavery out of the western territory. Several factions joined together to form the Free Soil Party. They nominated as their president, Martin Van Buren who has pledged to national freedom platforms that will resist slave power. This party has promised free soil, free speech, free labor and free men. The Free Soil Party is just one of many other groups who vow to keep slavery out of the western territories.

Did you hear about this new author named Harriet Beecher Stowe? Heard around she is now the newest most popular author. Everyone has read her stories. Francis E. Watkins wrote back, thanking her for her acts of "defending their race". This is big for a women to stand up for not only herself but the bravery of standing up for their race. Stowe may well be known for a "best selling novelist". Stowe has alot of audacity and nerve, but if it works then maybe she can totally remove slavery. Harriet Beecher Stowe Books truely are wonderful and eye catching. If you have not done so yet, go out and buy a book. It is worth it. One of her stories' "Uncle Tom's Cabin" talks about what slavery truely feels like. She wants us to spread an anti-slavery movement. Hope you enjoyed this. Until next time-Jenna Chirico

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