The Evolution of Technology

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The Evolution of Technology

The evolution of technology

Past- Sept 9, 1927 by Philo Taylor Farnsworth a 21 year old inventer- there were many different scientists and inventers who helped him in the process- a transmission of an image moved by the sound waves of the radio Present - today all you have to do is press some buttons and the tv will put on any channel- also with wifi we can watch youtube or go on the internet on our big screen - we've invented thingslike netflix which works on wifi where you can access many tv shows and movies Interesting facts- most people dream in color but adults who grew up watching black and white television dream in black and white - the inventer of the television didn't let his own children watch television



Past- March 10, 1876 invented by Alexander Graham Bell- called a liquid transmitter- converts sound waves into an electric signal through a wire Present - phones are mostly touch screen - you can talk, text and video call internationally- you can watch movies and take pictures- there's wifi to do any of the above Interesting Facts - Ahoy was the first telephone greeting - in UK 47% of water damaged phones were dropped in a toilet- phones contain a lot of gold


Past - 1652 the first calculator was invented by Willhelm Schickard and mathematician Blaise Pascal - could only add 2 numbers together Present - today calculators can add subtract divide and multiply any amount of numbers - they can also do scientific operations such as pi and co sinInteresting Facts - calculators where inspired from clocks- the optimum price for scientific calculators is $50


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