[2015] Jada Sanner: The Evolution of Life

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[2015] Jada Sanner: The Evolution of Life

The Evolution Of Life

Girrafes use their long necks to reach leaves high up on trees.

*Mechanisms are biological evolution results from changes over time in the genetic constitution ofspecies.

Elehants use their trunks to suck up water & wash themselves, cool off, and bring water to their mouth.

*Evolution is the process in which inherited characteristics within populations change over generations.

*All living species differfrom one another, this isdivergence.

*Living organisms have morphological, biochemical,& behavioral features that make them well adapted for lifein the environment which is known as adaptations.

The Evolution Of Life On Earth

*Organisms change during their lifetime, but basicgenetic characteristics do not.

*Evolution helps better understand the mechanisms that underlie the way organisms look & behave

*Organisms that have certain traits are better able to survive & reproduce more successfully than organisms that lack these traits, which is natural selection.

*Fossil species are fossils that are mineralized remnants or impressions of once living organisms.

*Descent with modification means each generation has a gradual change in the traits found in the population.

Rhinos use their horns to charge at predators & claim territory.

Monkey's tails are longer than their body, enabling them to swing from one tree to the other effortlessly.

*There is tremendous genetic diversity within almost all species which is genetic variation.

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