The Evolution of Boats

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The Evolution of Boats

The Evolution of Boats

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5,000 BC The Mesopotamian people invent sails to place on their boats to make them go faster and to get mor goods to traders.

1912 The Titanic is the most infamous boat in history. It was big, made of steel, and deemed "unsinkable". However after a hit from an ice burg, the ship sunk taking +1,500 people with it. This taught us that our boats are not as tough as they seem.

1492 Colmbus popularized the 3-4 masted ships. These ships were fast, ligth weight, and were very popular amoung traders, armies, and explorers.

300 AD The vikings invent the clinker build which is method of overlapping wood planks on the boat's hull to make it stronger and better desgind to glide through the water.

2013 The Superyaht is a cool high tech boat that costs 15 million dollars. It has a unique three prong design that alows it to skim across the water, it lights up at the bottom, and can be controlled by an ipad...mide blown. The boat has a masterbed room aswell.

1950 The N.S. Savannah was the first and last nuclear merchant ship to be built. It was created by the USA,but it chewed through all of its power and so was docked.

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