The Evolution of Boats

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The Evolution of Boats

Cristopher Columbus popularized the 3-4 sailed boats. These boats were fast and light and were used for trade, war, and most popular for exploration.

Ancient Mesopotamians had boats before they had sails. Thankfully, it occurred to the Mesotamians that strong wind could just as easily provide power. This this lead to the invention of the sail.

1492 The Ocean Blue

The N.S. Savannah was built by the USA. It was the first and last nuclear ship. It turns out nuclear power is not a viable source of fuel for a commercial boat and it failed making it the last nuclear boat.

The Vikings invented the clinker build. This meant the boats were built from over lapping pieces of wood to make them stronger.

The Titanic was the most famous big boat ever built. The steel ship was deemed "unsinkable". But saddly the boat wasnt what it seemed it to be... The boat hit an ice berg and sunk killing thousands of people. This is a reminder that not al boats can be as safe as people say.

300 A.D Clinker Building

1950 Nuke

5,000 B.C - Sails

The Evolution OfBoatsby: Michael Hernandez

1859 The Big Mistake

The spaceship is a I5 million dollar boat that not only has a three prong design, but can also be controlled by an iPad. BOOOOOM! Mind blown!


2013 The iBoat


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