The Evolution of Audio Players

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The Evolution of Audio Players

1962: The cassette was invented by Philips Electronics.July 1, 1979: Sony introduced the Walkman TPS-L2. It was a 14 ounce, portable cassette player with chunky buttons, headphones, a leather case, and two earphone jacks. It ran on 2 AA batteries which made it portable and had no external speakers which made them private.

1877: The phonograph was developed by Thomas Edison; this was the first method of recording and playing back audio. Vibrations were recorded on tin foil by a needle and played back using an amplifier to make sound.

The Phonograph

The Evolution of Audio Players

The Cassette & the Walkman

1980: The compact disc was invented by Philips Electronics and Sony.1982: The CD was introdcued to the public. It held up to about 80 minutes of audio and the compact shape and laser-reading technology promoted efficiency.1984: The earliest portable CD player was introduced by Sony as the D-50 and was the shape of a CD case, except it was 3 times as thick.

The Compact Disc & the Portable CD Player

1964: The 8-Track was developed by a consortium of Ampex, General Motors, Motorola, Ford Motor Company, and RCA Victor Records which was led by Bill Lear of Lear Jet Company. The tapes held up to about 45 minutes of audio. 1966: They were first introduced to the public when Ford added the 8-Track to the Ford Mustang as accessories. 8-Track refers to the tape it's made of rather than how many songs it holds.

The 8-Track

MP3 stands for Motion Pictures Experts Group Audio Layer 111.Early 1990s: Karlheinz Brandenburg developed the first mp3 for Fraunhofer-Gesellshaft, but was unsuccessful.1997: Tomislav Uzelac of Advanced Multimedia Products invented the AMP MP3 Playback Engine and was successful.March 1998: The first commercially released personal mp3 was released by SaeHan Information Systems in Korea as the MPMan F10 and it held up to about 8 songs.

Consumers can buy and download music onto their iPods through the iTunes Store while others can stream music online through Spotify and Apple Music.

October 2001: The first iPod was introduced by Apple.April 28, 2003: The iTunes Store was launched by Apple.January 2005: The iPod Shuffle was introdcued by Apple.September 2005: The iPod Nano was introduced by Apple.2006: Spotify was officially founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon.September 2007: The iPod Touch was introduced by Apple.June 8, 2015: Apple introduced Apple Music.

The iPod, iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music

The MP3

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