The Events That Lead To The Revolutionary War

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The Events That Lead To The Revolutionary War

The Events That Lead to the American Revolution

March 5, 1770

Boston Massacre


Boston Tea Party


Coercive Acts

Sept. 1774

April 18, 1775

Stamp Act/Sugar Act

First Continental Congress Meets


Tea Act

Proclamation of 1763

Battle of Bunker Hill

Battle at Lexington and Concord

June 16, 1775



To prevent more fighting, Britian called a halt to the settlers' westward expansion. The Appalachian Mountains were the westward boundary for the colonies.

70 minutemen led by Captain John Parker stood on the town common with muskets in hand. A shot was fired and then both sides started firing. Afterwards, eight minutemen were dead and the Redcoats kept marching. The shot was heard round the world meaning that everyone knew about it and the battle for independace had just begun.

To save the British East India Company, they passed the Tea Act to allow the company full control of the trade for tea in America.

Delegates from all of the colonies came to Philidelphia except for Georgia.They went to establish a political body to represent American interests and challenge British control.

Mob came and harassed Britiash soldiers, soldiers got scared and shot them. Five colonists got killed.

Stamp Act:Placed a tax on almost all printed materials, including newspapers, wills, and playing cards. All printed amterial had to have a stamp.

Sugar Act: Parliament passed the Sugar Act to lower the tax on imported molasses. Greenville passed the act to try and convince colonists to pay the lower taxes instead of smuggling.

1,200 militiamen under the command of Colonel William Prescott set up fortifications at Bunker Hill and near Breed's Hill. Britian wanted to get the Americans out of their strategic places. Britian won because the Americans ran out of ammo and had to withdraw.

A group of men (the Sons of Liberty) disguised as Mohawks dumped 342 crates of tea overboard.


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