[2015] luen collett: The Eureca Stocade

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[2015] luen collett: The Eureca Stocade

Key dates in the Australian Gold Rush

12th Febuary 1851 Edward Hargaves found the first piece of gold.

1851 one of the largest nuggets eever found in Australia. It was discovered at Bakery Hill in Ballarat . It weighed 78 381 grams.

Febuary 1852 James Grant finds Tasmanias first payable gold near Fingal.

1852, 95 000 gold seekers arrived hoping to find gold.

Sunday December 3rd 1854 the Eueka Stokade started. The miners held a public meeting were they signed petitions and burnt there licenses. A large group of diggers led by, Peter Lalor, built a woodent fort on the Eueka lead.

1861 30 000 diggers rush to prospect at Forbs in New South Wales.

1867, James Nash discovered gold in a place that was later called Gimpie. Within months. 25 000 people were prospecting the area.

1867 8th January the Queensland Govenment offers a reward of £3000 to anyone who finds gold to support 3000 people.

The largest mass of gold ever discovered in the world was found in hill end, New South Wales in 1872. The specimen was 1.5 meters long and weighed almost 290kg. Holtermann managed and partly owned the mine were the specimen was found.

August 1851 Jmes Regan discovers the richest alluvial goldfield in the world at Golden Point, Ballarat, Victoria.

Sunday 3rd December 1854 The miners' anger against the unjust licence system and the brutal police smouldered for almost four years. In October 1854, a digger named Scobie was kicked to death near the Eueka Hotel in Ballarat. The publican, named Bently , was charged with murder but the charges were dropped. Bently was known to be friendly with the police. At 4a.m., about 400 soldiers and police attacked the 150 miners left the stokade.

The Eureka Stokade


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