The Ethics Of Pig

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The Ethics Of Pig

The Ethics Of Pig

The story takes place around the 1850's in Lexington Kentucky A circus recently came into town with an "educated" pig bringing tourists perfect for swindeling.

Book written by: O.HeneryPoster by: Renato and Sean



The protagonists are two lawbreakers, one a swindler the other a theif. The swindeler, Jeferson Peters a wealthy man who is counting on a distraction to win a shells game. Unfortunatley the theif, Ruth Tatum has a soft spot for stealing pigs, and gets distracted on the way.



In this story, a man comes to Lexington in search of a partner. When the two go to the circus to play shells, his partner is nowhere to be found. when he returns home, he finds his partner with a pig. the next morning, he finds an add for a $5000 reward for the safe return of the pig.

The conflict is resolved when the man bought the pig from his partner for $800. when he goes to the fair to return it, he finds Beppo already there. he realises he has been set up by his partner.


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