The Envirorment in Popolar Culture

by FiumeMola
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The Envirorment in Popolar Culture

The Envirorment in Popular Culture

What is Popolar Culture?Popolar Culture is the general knowledge and experiences which people have and pass on by reading, watching, wearing, using, playng working and talking. Popular culture often differs in differt countries but with the Internet it can also be international.

Environmentalism in musicThe Envirorment problem has been an important part of popular culture for many years, starting perhaps with the hippies in the 1960s and 1970s.In the 1990s people started to understand more about the envirorment and its problems. The environment started to appear more in popular culture and it is often used to tell people  about the situation and what they can do to help. Music had a primary role in sensitizing the people opinion about ecologic problems. Year after year, several artists took part in these great initiatives. In 1995 singer Michael Jackson came out with the hit "Earth Song" which was about environmental and animal welfare. The production of the music video had an environmental theme, showing images of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution, poverty and war. Jackson and the world's people unite in a spiritual chant "Earth Song" which summons a force that heals the world.

A video that is the result of people's apprehension for the ecosystem

Living Outside The Box Sustainable Lifestyles

LIVE EARTHIn 2007 music was connected to the environment in a different way. On 7 July (07/07/07) Live Earth took place. This was an enormous, international music event to tell people, companies and governments how to change their lifestyles and stop climate change. More than 100 musicians sang in a 24-hour concert in eight different cities -Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Johannesg, Hamburg, London, Rio de Janeiro and New York.



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