The English Reign

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The English Reign

Henry VIII is known as a tyrannical ruler. During his long reign Henry VIII established an efficient centralised state and gained control over the Church. The Act of Supremacy made Henry VIII supreme head of the Church.

The present Royal Family

60 years of Reign

During the reign of Elizabeth I,with the defeat of Spanish Armada, England became the dominant world power.

In 1870, Education Act in England and Wales is passed. All children must go to school. Trade unions are legalised in 1871.

Civil War between king and parliament.

The English Reign

1215 Magna Carta

1199-1216King John

1509-1547Henry VIII

1558-1603Elizabeth I

1625-1649Charles I

1837-1901Queen Victoria

6 February 1952 - present dayElisabeth II


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