The Enemy by Pearl.S.Buck

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The Enemy by Pearl.S.Buck

The Enemy by Pearl. S Buck

The story takes place during the Second World War while Japan and America are at war with each other. The story is set on the Japanese coast in the home of Dr. Sadao Hoki.

The Plot

Dr. Sadao, an American- trained Japanese surgeon working in Japan during World War II finds a wounded American soldier, apparently an escaped POW, on the beach near his house.• He is unable to throw him back though he was his enemy as he was a doctor and his first duty was to save a life.• Hana, his wife, though initially reluctant because it was dangerous for all including the children to keep the enemy in the house, joins her husband in operating and nursing the enemy soldier back to health, even though the servants desert the house.• Hana assists Dr. Sadao in operating the soldier in spite of her physical discomfort and hesitation.• Though it was war time and all hands were needed at the front, General Takima did not send Sadao with the troops as he is an expert surgeon and the General needed him.•  Sadao tells him about the enemy soldier but he does not take any action as he is self‐absorbed and forgets his promise that he would send his private assassins to kill the enemy and remove his body.• Taking advantage of the general’s self‐absorption Sadao decides to save the soldiers life. After the soldier is out of danger Dr. Sadao helps him to escape from his house to safety.

The central theme of the story “The Enemy” is the internal conflict between Dr. Sadao’s loyalty to his country and his devotion to his profession. Throughout the story, Dr. Sadao Hoki , a Japanese surgeon,is torn between two loyalties. The loyalty to his country,Japan, and the loyalty to his profession, a doctor.Dr. Sadao chose to save the American's life.

Main Characters

Dr.Sadao HokiHana HokiGeneral TakimaTom-American soldier, POW

The Hippocratic Oath – duty to help people regardless of their race, color or religion.



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