The Endocrine System

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Human Anatomy

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The Endocrine System

The Endocrine System

*Intresting Facts

- human behaivor is controlled by the eendocrine system- traditional Chinese healers found the endocrine system 2,000 years ago- the word "hormone" is only a century old- plants produce hormones without the endocrine system

*The Endocrine Systestem is a collection od ductless glands that give special protiens-hormones that are relesed into the blood stream to help maintain homeostasis. The hormones control growth, sexual devlopment, metabolism, and fluid levels in blood.

Hypothalamus- is inside the brain. it regulates hunger,oversees ther glands, thirst, sleep, and influnces growth, wakefulness,metbolism, and regeneration involentary things such as body temperature. Pancreas- aids in digestion of proteins, fats, carbs, produces insulinehich controls blood sugar levelsMetabolism- conversion of nutreints into energy and building materials to meet your body's needs.Thyroid Gland-regulates energy and metabolism


Major Organs

Illnes and InjuryDiabetes is a long term disease that you can get if you have a hard time producing insulin in their pancreas.Goiter is a short term disease that happens if you don't get enough indodine in your food.

Related DoctorA Endocrinologist are specially trained physics who diagnose diseases related to the glands.

*Related SystemsThe endocrine works with mostly every other system. It is "chemical brother" with the nervous system. The endocrine sustem interacts with a lot of different systems.

Testes/Ovaries- influences how your blood circulates and determines your mental vigor and your sex drive.Thymus- helps build resistance to diseasePituitary Gland- inside the brain and oversees other glands and influences growth,metabolism,and regeneration.Adrenal Glands- compounds cortisone and adrenaline which help in emergencies, regulates metabolic processes in cell, water,balence, blood e.t.c.Parahyroid- sdcretes hormones for calcium absorption

Major Organs

ProcessThere is really no process for the endocrine system but each organ has its own process.For example in an emergency the adrenal gland kicks in and determines if you will have a fight or flight response. If you fight sometimes unusual things happens you might feel stronger. Or you will flight and run away from the situation.


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