The End of the Terror

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The End of the Terror

Isak Borenstein Holocaust SurvivorRussian Solider: Also transferred to Auschwitz then to Mauthausen Concentration Camp(Sarah McGrade 6th)

Borenstein was born in Random, Poland on May 5th, 1918. When he heard that the Germans were coming to Poland he ran to Russia; then joining the military. When the war really began involving Russia Isak joined in 1941. When the army he was a part of was caught many of the Jewish that were fighting in the army were killed in this confortation, thats when Borenstein chose to change his last name to seem more polish to hide himself from being Jewish fearing his own life and fate. He was eventually caught by being found out by another Russian soldier that then sent him through a series of concentration camps. After one of the camps Borenstein was in was liberated by U.S. soliders he tried finding his way home. On his way home he was found by the Russian and forced to fight in the war for the next 14 monthes. After leaving the war Isak finially made his way back to his home.

Once upon returning home Isak found that another family had moved into his old home but had kept all the famlies resent belongings. When he asked where any of the families' pictures had gone they simply said that they had burned them. Any photos now that Borenstein has he has taken from only achieves kept of holocaust victims. After this long journey Isak found that his older brother Abe Borenstein had survived from being in Buchenwald. Mr. Borenstein is now married to another Holocaust survivor; they have one son. (Borenstein had 3 sisters and 2 brothers; all passed except him and his eldest brother.

The End of the Terror.

“For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.” ― Elie Wiesel


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