The Enchantress Of Numbers

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The Enchantress Of Numbers

Ada Lovelace was born as Augusta Ada Byron. She was the only child of poet Lord Byron and his mathematically-minded wife, Anne Isabella Byron. Her father and mother separate one month after her birth. Ada never met her father. Her mother made sure she was schooled in science, logic, and mathematics and forbidden to see any portraits of her father until her twentieth birthday.

- October 13th - Ada Lovelace Day - The Pentagon and US military’s programmers named their own computing language Ada.

Doodle to celebrate Ada Lovelace's 197th birthday

Ada Lovelace was a mathematician and a computer programmer. She is considered to be the first computer programmer.

Inventions/ Impact on Modern Day life

The Enchantress of Numbers

Ada Lovelace

Bernoulli numbers computer Program for The Analytical Engine



1815 - Birth1828 - steam-powered flying machine 1833 - met mathematician Charles Babbage1838 - "The Right Honourable Countess of Lovelace." 1842 - The Menabrea Paper1843 - The First Computer Program1852 - Death


1)Ada's Algorithm By James Essinger2)

Ada reprogrammed Charles Babbage's early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine.Ada Byron was a teenager when she met Cambridge mathematics professor Charles Babbage, who had invented the Difference Engine, a mechanical computer designed to produce mathematical tables automatically and error-free. Babbage never built the actual machine due to personal setbacks and financing difficulty. By 1834 he had moved on to design his Analytical Engine, the first general purpose computer, which used punch cards for input and output. This machine also lacked financing and was never built, but it gave Ada chance to write first computer programming language.Software is everywhere, it is used to write programs for I-pad games to program refrigerators and microwaves. All this started with Ada's vision. Ada Lovelace established early concepts for the development of the technology needed for the rise of the modern-day computers. Computers are everywhere, we use them to make out life easy. Glog I am writing is using Software program. Airplanes use complicated Software program to fly safely by getting correct directions, weather conditions .

Inventions/ Impact on Modern Day life


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