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The Empty Pot


The Empty PotBy: Demi

Book SummaryRecommended: K-3

Long ago in China, there was a very old emperor looking for a successor to the kingdom, but he did not know how to choose. He gathered all the children in the kingdom and assigned a task to determine which child would be his next heir. The emperor loved flowers so he gave each child a seed and decided to let the flowers decide. "Whoever can show me their best in a year's time," he proclaimed, "shall succeed me to the throne!" All of the parents wanted their child to be emperor, but Ping was the happiest child of all. He also loved flowers and wanted to grow the biggest, most beautiful flower to show the emperor. Ping planted his seed in rich soil and watered it every single day. However, as time passed, nothing grew in his pot and he became worried. He put fresh soil in a bigger pot in hopes that his beautiful flower would grow, but still nothing. The year finally passed and sad, ashamed Ping must present his empty pot to the emperor.Demi’s retelling of this Chinese folktale tells the story of brave Ping and his honesty that changes his life forever.

All About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Griffin and my hometown is St. Louis, MO. I have a BS in psychology from Truman State University and currently working on my Masters in elementary education. I love art, elephants, and watching movies. Languages Arts was my favorite school subject as a kid. I hope you love The Empty Pot as much as I do. It’s one of my favorite children’s books!

Make your own Chinese paper latern!

Cross-curricular Connections

Art: Students will create and decorate their own paper laterns to learn about the Chinese New Year. Oral Language:As a class, students will engage in a group discussion about Ping and the importance of honesty. Discuss theme, central idea, and alternate endings. Science:Students will plant and grow their own seeds in a classroom garden. Then, they will be given an expository writing assignment describing their step-by-step process. Illustrations encouraged :)History:Students will be divided into groups to research different aspects of Chinese culture and make a poster to present their findings to the class.

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