The Elements of Art

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The Elements of Art

2. Aerial Perspective: color and value changes.

1. Size changes and compositional placement.

Line Quality:An infinite variety;thick or thincurvy or straightzigzag or wavysolid or brokenhorizontal, vertical or diagonalblurry or vivid

Elements of Art:1. Dot and Line2. Shape and Form3. Color and Value4. Pattern and Texture5. Space and Depth

The Elements of Art

Complimentary: opposite colors

Shape & Form:

Dot & Line:

"A line is a dot that went for a walk..."

All textures are patterns, but not all patterns are textures.

Ornamental Patterns are decorative; Textural patterns appeal to our sense of touch.

Repetition often creates a sense of rhythm or movement.

Pattern is achieved through repetition of line or shape.

3. Diminishing size and detail, with overlapping.

4. Addition of shadows and highlights.

Space & Depth:

Shape: an enclosed area defined by line, value, or color.

Triadic: equally distant on the color wheel

Monochromatic: one hue with shades and tints

Analagous: colors related in hue

Properties of color:Hue:the color itselfIntensity: brilliance vs graynessValue:lightness or darkness shade or tint

Color & Value:

Shape:Curvilinear RectilinearBiomorphic OrganicGeometricAbstract Semi-AbstractRepresentationalAmorphousFlat or volumetric

6. Positive and negative space

5. 1-point, 2-point & 3-point linear perspective.

Pattern & Texture:

Split-Complimentary: opposite colors

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