The Element of Arsenic

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The Element of Arsenic

Arsenic is in the periodic table known as group number 15, period number 4 group name Pnictogen

First Man to Discover ArsenicArsenic was discovered by acient but Albert Magnus was the first man to discover Arseni. Germans 1250 said that the arsenic was occured free in nature. Arsenic was obtained by heating arsenopyrite. Heating arsenopyrite is a mineral that was for arsenic.

All About Arsenic Arsenic is an element that is poisonous. As. is an atomic symbol for Arsenic. The atomic number of Arsenic is 74.92160. Arsenic has alot of protons/electrons which is 33 and a number of nutrons which is 42. The Arsenic electron configuration is 4s2 3d10 4p3.

The Element of ArsenicBy: Jordy Pabon E.

Arsenic can be found some where in the water and as well it can be found in volcanoes the rest was made by people or scintist but rat poison is the leathal part for Arsenic.

Colors, Boling point and meleting point Arsenic has a mineral of different colors such as grey, red, pink, and yellow , Arsenic is not a liquid nor gas, Arsenic meleting point is 090 [or 817 °C (1503 °F)] (under pressure) K, and the Arsenic boiling point is 887 [or 614 °C (1137 °F)] (sublimes) K

There are a lot of uses for arsenic. 1) thing arsenic are used for is the level the rice. 2) thing arsenic was used for is for fruit juice such as apple juice. 3) thing arsenic was used for drinking water. 4) thing arsenic are used for was car batterys. 5) thing arsenic are used for rat poisen for peoples homes.



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