[2014] Caroline Biddle: The Element, Gold

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Chemical Elements

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[2014] Caroline Biddle: The Element, Gold

The Element,GoldBy: Caroline Biddle

Gold is a element off the periodic table. To be exact, its atomic number is the number 79. Its element symbol is Au. Gold can be found only by mining. It is mostly found in Africa and India.

The atomic mass of gold is 196.27. Gold is a transition metal. This element cannot be bonded with any other element on the periodic table. Gold is made up of one atom, consisting of :79 Protons79 Electrons'120 Neutrons

VocabularyAtomic Number- This shows how many protons are in the element.Element Symbol- It stands for the elment name.Atomic Mass- Is the weight of the element. Protons plus neutrons.Protons- Is a positive charge in an atom.Neutrons- Is a neutral charge in an atom.Electrons- Is a negative charge in an atom.


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