The Electrolyte Challenge

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The Electrolyte Challenge

The Electrolyte Challenge

Our Question



Our Equipment


What did we do?

My Prediction

What I think will happen?

I think that the Gatorade will have more electrolytes beacuse it is specifically manufactured for that purpose.

Is it true that Gatorade and Powerade really have more electrolytes than Orange juice?

Contrary to my prediction, orange juice DID have more electrolytes than gatorade. However, that does not necessarily mean that orange juice is a better sports drink. It means that orange juice is better at preventing pulled muscles and other injuries.

In order to do this experiment, we need to make a conductance sensor, using a straw and wire. We will put the sensor in the solution, and see how many amps are conducted through the solution. Then, I will need to transfer that to siemens.


What happened & Why?

Digital MultimeterBare, 24-gauge copper wire9 volt battery and clipPlastic Straw8 bowls

In the distilled water, the measurements were very low. Does this mean that there are no electrolytes?When the sensor came in contact with the gatorade, it started to bubble, then stopped when the meter came up with a measurement.Tap water didn’t have any readings at first, but then, after a few seconds, It jumped.Orange juice had more electrolytes than gatorade. Does that mean that it will make you perform better in sports?When the wires came out of the last solution, they seemed to be significantly thinner. Did they dissolve in the acid?



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