The Election

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The Election


NEWS:Australia's Hung Parliament

2010 Federal Election

At the end of the day government is about teamwork and partnership and we will be proving that by working together-Julia Guillard

The bottom line is that there are two competing economic records here.-Tony Abbott


Q: What do you think of the government status at the moment?A: It’s a difficult time and I just hope that the promises the parties make to the independents is kept. Q: Would you prefer Tony Abbott or Julia Guillard as PM and why?A: I think Julia Guillard would be a better PM because she has had experience as deputy and also when she took over from Kevin Rudd. Q: Who do you think has better policies?A: I think that if you could combine both parties good policies, we would have a great government. But I also think that Labor has a few better policies. Q: Do you think that the parties need the 76 seats? Or just party preferred?A: They need the 76 seats in my opinion because it gives the independents a voice. Q: Why do you think there is a hung parliament?A: I think it’s because a lot of the policies are similar and it is harder to choose between them. Q: Do you think that Labor had a disadvantage due to the dumping of Kevin Rudd?A: Yes I do.


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