The Eiffel tower Project (P3)Min Jeong Woo, Constanza Aceves, Max Monical

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The Eiffel tower Project (P3)Min Jeong Woo, Constanza Aceves, Max Monical

*The Eiffel tower is 320 meters high and weights 7000 tons.*It has 1710 steps.*The first floor is at 57 meters and 360 steps from the ground, the second at 115 meters and 1060 steps from the ground. The third floor at 274 meters from the ground is only reachable by lift.


Paris, je t'aime

Yannick Noah - Ose

Mireille Mathieu - Sous le ciel de Paris

*The Eiffel tower is painted in 3 different colors.*The Eiffel Tower has 2,500,000 rivets in it.*The Eiffel Tower shrinks 6 inches in winter.*Protecting the Eiffel Tower from rust requires the application of 50 tons of paint every seven years.*Thermal expansion: Grow up to 18cm. Strong winds can push the Eiffel tower up to 7cm.

How does it relates to algebra?The structures uses slopes, lines, and geometrical shapes, such as triangles and rectangles, to be built perfectly. The use of equations also played a major role in the choosing of the painting term to preserve the monument.

The Effiel Tower ProjectMin Jeong Woo, Max Monical,and Constanza AcevesPeriod 3 (Honors Algebra)

*The Eiffel tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923), a French engineer specialized in metallic buildings. Completed in 1889 for the Paris world exhibition, it was built in two years by 132 workers and 50 engineers.*The Eiffel Tower was built for the World's Fair to demonstrate that iron could be as strong as stone while being infinitely lighter.