The Egyptian Life

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The Egyptian Life

Time Line


The Egyptian life

Death Mask



Time Line

Cosmetics are makeups that are lotions used by the eygptain people to make them look beautiful.Oils and unguents were rubbed into the skin to protect it form malachite. Even after death one had to take care of someone looks.

Sribes are people who learned to read and write.Although experts believe that most sribes were men,there is evidence of some females doctors.these women would have been trained as sribes so that they could read medical texts.

Mask's have long had association with the transition from life to death.Mask's feature prominently at religious celbrations that relate to our passage to anthor world ,the assumption of which requires our personal victory (1821)

Reeds are plants with a straight,tall stalk that grows in a marshy place.The egyptains used papyrus.Paprus is a plant that was used for paper.

The shape of ancient eygptain pyramids is thought to have been inspried .by the speading rays of the sun. Eygpthas thr largest Arabic population in the world.The literacy rate for eypgtain is men is 83%and 59.5% in women.


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