The Egyptain Times

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by Jenaeperez22
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The Egyptain Times

Come and see the amazing Mesopotamia where you can forever long be happy with the great features of Ancient Egypt!!!

Come to Mesopotamia, a place you won't ever want to leave. We have everything right here in Ancient Egypt! The sights and views are outstanding. You can even become a priest or scribe if you would like, and trust me you would love to explore the Ziggurat. We also have some of the greatest inventions in time here in Mesopotamia, such as the wheel, a wagon that helps travel you and your very heavy items. You can even own a slave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the beautiful Ziggurat in Mesopotamia will be the sight of your dream!!! The king of the top temple will grant your biggest wishes!

Have you ever heard of a dessert land with one of the best farming soil? Well guess what! Mesopotamia does. No need to be worried about running low on food.

Mesopotamia is actually right in between the Eaphrates and Tigris rivers, which is perfect for food or water sources, and is an excellent place to kick back and relax

You too can own a slave. No more hawling your heavy items place to place. Just call your "helper" and they will come running to your rescue

Are'nt you sick and tired of carring all your items around? Well no need to do that anymore, because we now just invented "The Wheel". It carries you and your items from place to place.

The Egyptian TimesIf you want to know more than you should come to Mesopotamia , and that is when you will find what you have been looking for!!!!!!!


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