The Egypt Game

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The Egypt Game


The Egypt Game

The book was about two friends that loved to read. their names are April, and Melanie. April came from Hollywood. Her mother was a big star and sent April to live with her grandmother because she was on a tour. Melanie had lived in the Casa Rosada (pink house) her entire life. One fortunate day Caroline, April's grandmother, arranged that April would eat lunch with Melanie's family, and that's when April and Melanie met. Then, April found parts of a game that Melanie played, and April couldn't resist playing too. Later on, they found that they were both facinated with ancient Egypt. Since they had been playing a role-playing game for a while, they decided to start a role-playing game about ancient Egypt and Melanie's little brother, Marshall, couldn't resist playing with them. The trio goes on to meet more people including a Chinese girl named Elizabeth, and two guys named Toby and Ken. All of the "Egyptians" play the game to their hearts' content and have an amazingly fun time doing so.

I thought the book was 7.5 out of 10. I thought like that because it's told from a third-person, instead of first. I don't really like third-person because it's like an outsider is telling the story and I like to be in the story, I think that if the book was told from April's perspective, than it could be a LOT better. Other than that, it was a very well-rounded book, and I enjoyed the content, but found myself trying to tell it from someone's perspective. I give it 3 1/2 stars.




How I Felt About the Book


April, Melanie, Marshall, Elizabeth, Toby, Ken, Caroline, Dorethy, the Profecer, Mrs. Ross, Mr. Ross, Dorethy's agent.

The author is Zilpha Keatly SnyderThe genre is fiction

Author and Genre

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Two powerful quotes

"When Elizabeth met them at the door with ger dead pet, and tears in her eyes, it was only natural that somebody should think of a funeral." and "'look,' he said, 'I was the one who wrote those answers. I was the oracle. But I don't know where Marshall's old octopus is. What're we going to do?'"


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