The Effects of Technology

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The Effects of Technology

The Effects of Technology

Positive:Pencils were the cultural norm before pens were made, added a new writing deviceNegative: people started mostly using pens, some thought using pens would destroy education

Positive: Doesn't typically use wood, saving trees.Negative: Uses plastic, could cause more pollution

Effects on Economy:

Positive: politicians could write down things more easily,easier to gather evidence, etc. Negative:made it worse on opposing politicians

Effects on Enviroment:

The Ball Point Pen


Positive: pens slowly became normal to use in everyday work, writing became more portableNegative: less pencils used, thought to have made people more frugal

Inventor:László József BíróWhen:1931This development changed history, it made writing easier and more convienent. No more sharpening pencils.

Effects on Politics:

Effects on Society:

Positive: People buy millions of pens. Created work for people to make the pens.Negative: less pencils bought, cut backs in companies that produced pencils

Effects on Culture:

Innovations: 1. longer lasting ink 2. plastic casing3.colored ink


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