[2015] colin greene: The Effect of Water Temperature on Crystal Growth

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[2015] colin greene: The Effect of Water Temperature on Crystal Growth

PurposeTo see what water temperature will make soap powder crystals grow the fastest in.

ConstantThe containers, rags and the amount of dry soap powder used did not change in this experiment.

HypothesisI think that the pressure caused by the room temperature heat and the water will grow crystals the fastest.

Materials2 ripped rags2 cups of dry soap powder3 cups of room temperature tap water 3 cups of cold tap water2 plastic containers6 pieces of stringa spoona plastic lid to catch crystals

DataMy photos show the growth of the crystals from the start of this project. They are grown from both room temperature and cold water over a day's time. A chart is attached to show the growth rate by time

Independant VariableThe temperature of the water used to make the crystalswas changed

Dependant VariableThe rags and string used to collect the crystals was not changed

ConclusionThe room temperature water made the most crystals. It was because the soap powder mixed better and faster with the warmer water. What I thought was right!

ResultsThe cold water did not form any crystals but the room temperature water formed 12. The data chart will show how fast they grew.

Procedure1. My Dad and I took two plastic water containers and cut them to make jars2. We filled both of those jars with water - 3 cups of room temperature (73 degrees) water and 3 cups of cold water (40 degrees)3. I then twisted the rag like a screw and tied the middle and both ends of each part4. I then added 1 cup of dry soap powder to container and stirred it up until it was all gone.5. After the water was clear, I put the ends of each rag into the containers.6. Check time and waited for results.

The Effect of Water Temperature on Crystal GrowthBy Colin Greene 5th Grade Science Project Ms. Turnage's Class - May 11, 2015

Colin G.


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