[2015] Eloise Davis: The Effect of Color on Taste

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[2015] Eloise Davis: The Effect of Color on Taste

Procedure:1. Buy supplies (cups, apple juice, food coloring).2. Fill 15 cups with apple juice to make 5 test sample groups.3. Add food coloring to two of the cups of apple juice for each sample group.4. Test sample groups.

Hypothesis:If you add red and green food coloring to apple juice and have one with no food coloring added, then the test subjects will think the apple juice with red food coloring tastes better.

Conclusion:The test subjects chose the red and green the same amount over the apple juice with no coloring added. My hypothesis was basically correct because the test subjects were influenced by the color before they tasted the apple juice.

Dependant Variable:The way someone thinks it tastesIndependant Variable:Color of the Apple JuiceConstant:Apple Juice

Materials:Apple Juice15 Cups1 PlateFood ColoringPaperPenSharpieComputerAssistant (older brother)Test Subjects

What is the Effect ofColor on Taste?

Variables:Taste Buds, Brain, Person, What the person had to eat before, Food Coloring, Apple Juice, and Gender

level1apple juicelevel 2greenlevel 3red/orange

Eloise D.


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