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The Educational Leader

Pestalozzi has greatly influenced the development of the educational system in Europe and America.

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (January 12, 1746 – February 17, 1827) was a Swiss pedagogue and educational reformer, who greatly influenced the development of the educational system in Europe and America.. Pestalozzi was not only an innovative teacher, but he was also committed to social reform, and carried out several humanitarian projects involving children orphaned during war. His educational method emphasizes the importance of providing a loving, family-type environment in which the child can grow and flourish naturally, becoming a whole person balancing their intellectual, physical, and technical abilities, with emotional, moral, ethical, and religious growth. Pestalozzi believes when individuals are well educated in this way, social improvement and regeneration occurs.

Method of Education

Pestalozzi's two general purposes of education: for development of the individual and for the improvement of society. On the individual level, development, are also important. He stressed that there should be balance between the head, hands, and heart, i.e. between intellectual knowledge (head), physical and technical education (hands), and moral and religious education (heart). Through developing a balance among these three areas, a person becomes a "whole man."

Pestalozzi asserted that education should be centered on the child, not the curriculum. Since knowledge lies within human beings, the purpose of teaching is to find the way to unfold that hidden knowledge. Pestalozzi advocated direct experience as the best method to accomplish this. He advocated an inductive method, in which the child first learns to observe, to correct its own mistakes, and to analyze and describe the object of inquiry.

Lasting Impact


Ornstein and Hunkins, Curriculum, 6th Edition, 2013

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi


Goal of Education

Discipline in the classroomPestalozzi maintained that the classroom should be like a family. The atmosphere must be loving and caring, like in a good Christian family. The family members are cooperative, loving, and kind to one another. He developed the idea of the “family classroom” from the way his mother raised him and his sister. Pestalozzi said "There can be no doubt that within the living room of every household are united the basic elements of all true human education in its whole range" (Smith 2005).


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