[2015] Mackenzie G (Virus December 2015): The Ebola Virus

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[2015] Mackenzie G (Virus December 2015): The Ebola Virus


What is it?




Ebola is a deadly virus. It kills about 1,000 people in West Africa each year. Ebola goes through the lytic cycle. This makes it less likely for people to catch the virus.

You can get Ebola by going to certain areas where the virus is common. You can also get the virus by coming in contact with infected people, their body fluids, and bodies of people who have died from the virus, and by coming in contact with wild animals such as bats, monkeys and their meat.

There is a cure but there is no vaccine for Ebola, though researchers are working on one.

Some symptoms of Ebola are, fevers, severe headache, muscle pain, weakness in strength, lack of appetite, and stomach pain. The virus can only be caught through contact of body fluids of infected people.

To prevent getting Ebola, avoid areas of known outbreaks, wash hands frequently, avoid bush meat, avoid contact with infected people, follow infection-control procedures, and don't handle remains.

1. Bleach and other disinfectants kill Ebola. 2. About 90% of ebola victims die from it. 3. Four people have contracted Ebola within the United States, and there has only been one death.4. Thomas Eric Duncan was the first person to get Ebola on American soil, at the age of 29.5. The virus is transmitted to people from wildlife and spreads in the human population through human to human transmission.6.

Fun Facts

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The Ebola Virus

What would you do if you had Ebola?


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