The Easter Project: Korea

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The Easter Project: Korea

Easter In Korea

Gross National Product: 1.459 trillion dollarsPopulation: 50 million (2012)Population Density: 508.86 (2010)Religions: 43.0% Buddhist 34.5% Protestant 20.6 Catholic 1.9% OthersGreatest Import: Oil usually from Middle East Greatest Export: Cars(Hyundae) , phones(Samsung)National Animal: Tiger 호랑이National Flower: "Mugunghwa"(Rose of Sharon)무궁화National Flag: Taegukki Country Information 태극기

More Facts

Capital: SeoulDialing code: +82President: Park Geun-hyeGovernment: Unitary state, Presidential system, Constitutional republic

-In Western culture, it's tradition for kids to get hard boiled white eggs and dye them and color them. -However, Koreans use any boiled egg and instead of decorating, they put stickers about Jesus around the egg.

-Easter Egg hunts-finding one raw egg out of 100 eggs (game)-eating leftover eggs when you couldn't get a raw egg-having 1 week of praying for Jesus' resurrection in churches- Catholics have a "Holy Week"that leads to Easter and starts when Lazarus is raised from the dead

-celebrating Jesus' resurrection-Easter eggs represent life after Jesus was crucified; it was like He was reborn as a egg-Korea churches prepare Easter 1 week before Easter and gather around to pray for Jesus-Some churches collect money to buy Bibles and build charities to spread the Gospel around the world and help people in Jesus' name.

Country Information


Western Culture v.s Korean Culture

How is Easter specific to the culture?

Sally Cho, Andrea Lui, Wai Ling Kwok


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