[2015] paige sayour: The Earthquake in San Francisco

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[2015] paige sayour: The Earthquake in San Francisco

The Earthquake in San Fransico April 18th, 1906 5:12 am

Earthquake:Is a natural disaster that voilently shakes the ground and causing a lot of distruction and its usually caused by the movment within Earths crust.

The Earthquake of 1906 was a huge disaster in the devoloping city of San Fransico. It struck the city at 5:12 am. The magnitude of the earthquake was 8.3 which is very strong. The earthquake and the fires that broke out after destroyed 2/3 of the city. Some people said that while the buildings were collapsing it looked and felt like "A giant wave."

In this disaster they say over 600 deaths were reported. The earthquake left many people in poverty with no homes. The banks were bankrupt and people were rumaging through the damage trying to find anything they could. The fires caused a huge problem for the city. The firefighters back then didnt have as much tools that we have today so the flames were hard to battle. But what made it even harder was that the water mains were damaged so they didnt have much water to take down the fires that rapidly spread throughout San Fransico. The fires after the huge earthquake affected the city just as much as the damage that was done by the earthquake. The fire raged for 3 days forcing tens of thousands of people to leave.All in all, the earthquake the struck the city of San Fransico, 1906 is never forgotton throughout the city today.

Preparation Tips for an Earthquake:1. Have a first aid kit, flashlight and a battery powered radio2. Make sure to make a plan in case you and your family need to meet up somewhere3.learn how to turn of gas, water and, electricity4. repair anytyhing that might fall or break during the earthquake so you dont get hurt5. get anything else you might need like pets or any other items together if you are warned an earthquake is coming

Survival Tips for an Earhquake:1. the most important tip is to, STAY CALM! and be postive during and after the earthquake2. If your outside or inside stay where you are so your family can find you and you wont get lost3. After the earthquake stay out of damged areas like buildings because the could collapse4. Help people if they are injured or trapped and also check yourself for any injuries.5. Be prepared for any aftershocks after the earthquake that could cause additional damage

Books:Devastation: The Worlds Worst Natural Disaters By: Lesley Newson

Websites:http://classic world book onlinehttp://tremor.nmt.eduGoogle Images


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