The Early Republic

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The Early Republic

Political Party

The Early Republic

By: Amari Smith Keith Phillips Jr Christian Moreno

President Time Line


In office


Thomas Jefferson

George Washington


In office


In office



In office

The washington farewell address was made to give advice to the future nation warning about party systems, permanet foreign alliancens, etc..

Foriegn Policy

-Falling Timbers-Whiskey Rebellion-Staying Neutral

Domestic Events

-Washington Farewell Address

Geroge Washington impacted the government by warning about political parties will split up American Spirit

John Adams

Foreign Policy-XYZ Affairs-Convention of 1800

Domestic Events-Favored national bank-Alien and Sedition Acts

Political Party

James Monroe

Democratic Republican

James Monroe impacted the government by limiting national government

Foreign Policy-Monroe Doctrine

Domestic Events-Should be based on industry

James Madison

Democratic Republican

Political Party

Democratic Republican

Domestic Events-Should be based on agriculture-Limited national government

Foreign Policy-Closer ties with France

James Madison impacted the government by wanting a weak national government and stronger state governments

John Adams impacted government by wanting a strong national government

The Monroe Doctrine is a address that stated that European Powers couldn't colonize in America and that we should support the independent Latin American Republics

McCulloch v. MarylandBalance of power between the federal and state governments

Gibbons v. OgdenIs a case about Federal Power to regulate interstate commerce

Marbury v. Madison

Thomas Jefferson impacted government by wanting strong national government

Was a case that led to the Judiciary Act.Thomas Jefferson was president and John Adams' federalist judges took role of the cabinet. President Jefferson ordered James Madison (Secretary Of State) to block the others from taking their role. Judical review plays a vital role checks&balances

Foriegn Policy-War of 1812-Closer ties with England

Political Party

Domestic Events-Opposed National Bank

In office


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