The Dust Bowl

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The Dust Bowl

The Dust BowlBy: Troy Bochmann

In this picture some cattle are eating some prickly pears for a source of water. The dust storms filled and dried up the water sources and cacti have water stored in them so the cattle ate the cacti for water. People would use cacti to water animals and themselves. People and animals may have gone days without water unless they found some cacti. The cattle look depressed in these times of not being able to find food and much water.

In this picture the dust from the dust storms burried this car and wagon under layers of dirt. The sky is full of dirt particles which makes it look black. The background of this picture shows that the dust would cover things miles around. This looks like this farm was still being lived in during the dust covering because if they would've left they might of took their car, but it is possible that they just lost their farm and left. Items buried in dirt were some of the many problems in the dust bowl.

In this picture it shows a tractor or possibly a dozer that was buried in the dirt from the dust storms. The sky is clear and the tractor has dust dunes burying it from all sides. People probably decided it was buried well enough that it would just be easier to leave it and not uncover it. This tractor probably caused some people to lose land and head out but now it is usless now that its buried. It could also show that people would be able to work in these conditions and not be stopped by a little dust storm.

In this picture it shows some people heading anywhere they can go to find work to support their family. These people could be Oakies or Arkies that lost their farms and headin out to find work in the west. This picture reminds me a bit of the movie "The Grapes of Wrath". By the time they find work maybe only half the family will be left because of the conditions they will encounter. Inspiring as this picture may be ,that shows that Americans never give up, it is also a picture that could have the end of great happyness or great sorrow.

In this picture it shows a farmer uncovering a post while a woman is watching. It shows that after each storm there was a clean up process for people living in the dust bowl. He needs to uncover it so he can keep his livestock on his farm so they aren't running free. If he loses his livestock he won't have food to live on. Living in the dust bowl was hard work for the people who lived there during all the dust storms.


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