The Drum of Life

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Human Anatomy

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The Drum of Life

The Drum of Life

Superior Vena Cava

Left Ventricle

Left Atrium

Right Ventricle

Right Atrium

Inferior Vena Cava

Three Types Of Blood Vessels

Veins have mediem walls. They have valves to keep the blood from flowing backwards. Veins carry blood to your heart.

Capillaries have very thin walls. So thin that oxygen molocules can go right though them! The Capillaries carry blood from the arteries to the veins.

Arteries have very thick walls.They are strong enough that they can push the blood though themselves with out any help. Also they have smooth muscles in the walls. Arteries carrie blood away from the heart.

Your heart is a life saver. Literally! Your heart pumps blood though out your entire body through blood vessels (see bottom) and gives oxygen to your muscles. The right side of your heart receives low oxygenated blood and pumps it into your lungs. Then the left side of the heart receives the now oxygenated blood and pumps it to your whole body.

If your blood vessels get clogged and you catch it quick enough docters can put in a pig's blood vessel to replace it!

If you get too much fat in your blood vessles, they can clog up and you can have a heart attack or a stroke.

Fun Facts

Your heart beats approximately 1,000,800 times a day while at rest.

Your heart never gets to take a break. it has to keep beating all the time in order to keep you alive.

This is a picture of most of the blood vessels in your body. If you layed them all straight there would be about 60,000 miles of tubing! Think about it, your heart has to pump your blood though all of it!

By Robin Potter

This is the aorta. It is the biggest artery in your body. It goes down the back of your heart to your legs.

You can find your heart rate on your wrist, neck and arm.


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