The Downside of Living in Groups

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The Downside of Living in Groups

The Downside of Living in Groups


The downside of animal of living in groups is that they have to compete for food and mates.They may not have enough food for everyone, which means they would have to leave there territory which gives predators a chance to attack.

Another reason why its bad is that diseases can spread like a wildfire. It can make the animals drop dramticly. It could also make the the group more vaunrble with the sickness going around within the heard.

Animals that live in large groups have a higher chance of being hunted rather then small groups of aniamls. They may have better security then a small group, but that makes the animals easy to seek out. If they live in a large group it is harder for them to hide from the predator.



If there are more males then females in a group this is where a challenge comes in.. The males of the group will start to fight other males in order to get a mate.



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