The Dos And Donts Of Ergonomics

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The Dos And Donts Of Ergonomics

1) Do make sure you carry your backpack on both shoulders 2) Do make sure you wear your backpack at a good height 3) Do make sure you have the proper amount of weight

1)Don't leave your backpack lying around 2) Don't swing around your backpack with your laptop in it3) Don't take anyone's else's backpack!

1) There are Ergonomic disorders that are caused from a repetitive motion, usually from sitting in one spot for hours. There are more disorders from ergonomics.2) There are Cumulative Trauma Disorders 3) Also Repetitive Strain Injuries

1) Don't bend over to look at the screen 2) Don't keep your head bent it will stress out your neck3) Dont sit slouch

1) After being on your laptop for a long time, make sure you bend your wrists 2) After an hour go out for a walk and bend your neck3) Also make sure you give your eyes a break, by looking outside

Do's of Your Backpack

Dont's of Your Backpack

The Do's & Don'ts of ErgonomicsBy: Gureena, Jas

The Risks of Ergonomics

1) Do pick up your laptop with both hands2) Do make sure you sit properly, with a straight back3) Do make make sure you have good posture and the laptop screen is at eye level

Do's of Sitting/Lifting Techniques

Dont's of Sitting/Lifting Techniques

Types Of Excercise's To Prevent These Risks


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