The Dorma

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The Dorma




History of the Domra The Domra was brought to Russia in the 13th or 14th century by the Mongolian people who invaded Russia. It was redesigned in 1896. when when a student found an early model in an abandon stable. Changes have been made to the instrument up until the year 1905.

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What is a Domra?The Domra is a Russian stringed instrument that belongs to the Lute Family. It has a long neck and a round body with three or four metal strings.

Tamara VolskayaTamara is a well known performer on the domra. Some songs played by her are:Flight of The BumblebeeRussian Potpourri MeadowlandSailor's DanceThe PeddlersAutumn DreamMoonlit NightTwo Old Russian RomancesThe Waves of the Amur RiverSteppe, Steppe All Around MeDark Eyes

The Domra



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