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The Don's Glog.

Judaism:1.Believes that Isaac is chosen of david3.synagogue4.Holy book is torah5.based on the teachings of moses and the prophets of the bible, and on the interpretations of the rabbis.6.rabbis7.Holds the belied that there is only one god, Yahweh

Christianity:1.Believes Isaac is chosen son2.Cross of jesus.3.Church4.Holy book is Bible.]5.Based on the teachings of the son of god, Jesuis and the bible.6.Holds the belief that god is the only god and his word is law. 7.Ten commandments.8.Old and new testament.

Islam:1.Believes Ishmael is chosen son.2.muslim star3.Mosque4.Holy book is Qu'ran5.Based on the teachings of Muhammad and the Koran.6.Holds the belief that there is only one god, Allah, and that Muhammad is his prophet.7.Allah


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